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Latest Episodes…

  1. Power Of Agreement | Ps David Doery

    Originally recorded at Neuma Church, Melbourne, Australia. ...


  2. prescription for Powerlessness | Ps Corey Turner

    Recorded at Neuma Church in Melbourne, Australia.    ...


  3. Stick It Out | Ps Alun Davies

    Recorded at Neuma Church in Melbourne, Australia.    ...


  4. Neuma Worship Presents | Stillness Worship Album with Ps Stacey Hilliar & Ps Joel Field

    This prayer-fuel album is intended to be a soundtrack for your own personal encounter with God.This has been the heart of our house and our team for so many years, and we’re so excited that God has made a way for us to share this in the form ...


  5. Freedom In Christ | Identity Crisis Series - Ps Simone Turner

    Week 5 of Identity Crisis Series    We are living in a culture that is suffering from Identity Crisis. Everyone of us ask ourselves the question, ‘Who am I and what on earth am I here for?’ Unfortunately, we look for the answer to that question in all the wrong places. In ...